Amplify Student Ministry


Amplify Volunteers

Small Group Leader
Each small group leader plays a key role in shaping the spiritual and social bonds that connect small group students. Through Amplify events, independent group outings, and regular communication, small group leaders and students form an intimate community where trust is central. The small group experience is the cornerstone of our student ministry. Commitment is weekly. 

Childcare for Adult Volunteers
The childcare volunteers work in Vertical Kids and watch volunteers’ young children. The preferred commitment is every week or every other week to provide familiar faces for the children.

Food Team
The Food Team is responsible for setting up and serving dinner to students each week before Amplify.

Check In Team
The Check In Team makes the best first impression by greeting students and welcoming them to Amplify. Check In Team members also guide new students through the registration processes making them feel valued and informed. (Commitment is weekly)

Amplify meets from 6:00-8:00 p.m. on Wednesday Nights.