What is "At The Movies"?

At The Movies is one of our biggest summer series. We spend months planning and filming these special messages for this series. In our "At The Movies" messages we pull out Biblical truth and application steps from popular movies you've most likely already seen. 

Why do we do "At the Movies"?

We do series like "At The Movies" because it's different and unexpected. Studies show that people are more likely to comprehend, remember, and really learn something when it's presented in unique and unexpected ways. At The Movies does just that! It shares the message of Jesus in unexpected ways by merging God and movies together. It's the perfect platform to share God's truth with someone who's skeptical or uninterested in coming to church on a regular Sunday. 

One of the ways you can join in with us in At The Movies this year is by lending us your social media influence. Below you'll find tools to share At The Movie service times and make personal invitations on your preferred social media platforms. 



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We promise we won't charge 15 dollars for a bag of popcorn! #verticalATM

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When you come to At The Movies, you don't have to sneak in any candy. We have it covered!

Movies and Church? Yes, they go together. Come see for yourself! #verticalATM

What do you get when you mix the Bible and a movie? At The Movies at Vertical! #verticalATM

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