Family Ministry Teams

Our goal is to create environments for kids of all ages that are fun, meaningful, and safe. We focus on three major areas: Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School/High School. We are looking for people to come alongside us who are willing to go the extra mile for these kids and are committed to investing in the next generation. Are you ready?! 


Host Team


Vertical Kids



Investing in the next generation might be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. Our desire is to see young hearts know the truth of Jesus and start real relationships with Him. Everything we do points to that desire. With that, we want to assemble the best team possible to partner with us as we take on the task of investing in our students. 

Below you'll find some really important information that you'll need to serve well in Family Ministry. We're sharing expectations of volunteers, what you can expect from the Family Ministry Team, and our general safety procedures. Before we move on, we wanted to share with you what our ideal kids volunteer looks like: 

The Ideal Family Ministry Crew Member is someone who is willing to: 

Go the Extra Mile

We need volunteers that we can count on. Going the extra mile looks like arriving on time, consistently serving, building relationships with the kids, and being prepared each time you serve. 

Bring joy and energy to our weekly environments

We think every weekend is the opportunity to throw a party! We want our students to walk into our environment every Sunday and Wednesday and have a great time learning about Jesus. It's key that our Crew members are excited to be here and spread joy. Bringing excited energy looks like welcoming kids and parents with big smiles and open body language, talking to the kids one on one and asking questions to get to know them. 

Partner with us in our commitment to share the life-changing love of Christ to kids on their level

We believe that every student is valuable and have a deep hope that they will start relationships with Jesus and grow in their faith. Everything we do points to that desire! Teenagers and children today need healthy relationships with adults. They need the truth of Jesus modeled by people who care about them. Partnering with us looks like owning your role as a Family Ministry Volunteer. 







Are you ready to dive in and own your role as a Vertical Kids Crew Member! We thought so!! Let's Go!