Make Easter Matter

One of the ways you can make Easter matter this year is by lending us your social media influence. Below you'll find tools to share Easter service times and make personal invitations on your preferred social media platforms. 

Tweet about it

Here are just a few ideas for ways you can start the conversation about Easter at Vertical on Twitter. If you'd like to tweet any of these, simply click on the Twitter icon below the tweet and it'll go to your account to share.


We promise there will be no terrifying Easter bunny costumes. #EasterAtVertical

Easter: the one day where it's acceptable for men to wear pastels. #EasterAtVertical

What if a restart really is possible? #EasterAtVertical


You can sit with us! #EasterAtVertical

Easter attendance cancels out sugar intake for 48 hours. Pretty sure that's in the Bible.

Come with me to #EasterAtVertical

Social Downloads

Click on the button to view the graphic you'd like to download. On your computer, right click the graphic and select "save image as." On your mobile device, touch and hold the image and select "save image."