It's an undeniable fact: allowing other people into our mess is scary.  

Our Underground groups are designed to make the process of getting help for what you're facing less daunting.  We are a community of imperfect people.  Knowing this, you can be confident that when you arrive at one of our Underground Groups, you will be met with a nonjudgmental welcome and a congratulations for taking one of the most brave and critical steps in your journey to health.  Additionally, you can have peace of mind knowing that confidentiality and anonymity are the hallmark of this part of Vertical Group life.  Only your group leader and fellow members will know your participating.



This 10 week intensive is specifically designed for men who struggle with sexual dysfunction. This dysfunction works its way out in may ways: pornography, affairs, and fantasy. These things have hijacked authentic male sexuality.  It’s time we stop fighting alone and start fighting back.  For too long fear of judgement has kept us in hiding.  No matter your starting place, sexual health is possible.

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When we look around our culture, we see one prevailing issue causing turmoil in the lives of women: loneliness. Loneliness can be a byproduct of countless circumstances in situations from abuse to loss of a job. We want to encourage women to work through the loneliness they experience and see themselves as the women they were created to be. 

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