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Vertical Go creates environments that advance the Gospel by serving people who are far from God, locally and globally.

Vertical Go is Vertical Church's strategy for doing exactly what Jesus told people to do: GO. Vertical Go sends teams around Mississippi and the world to reach people for Jesus. You can partner with Vertical Go in a few ways. The first is through prayer; pray for the advancement of the Gospel and the teams that are sent out. A second way to support the efforts of Vertical Go by giving to our One Eight project. Another way you can partner is through being on a team that goes to various areas around Mississippi and the world. 


Vertical Go may be known for partnerships and trips to other countries; however, the vision is to start locally.


Serving locally is a part of the DNA of Vertical Church. We do this through an event called Second Sunday. Second Sunday is an event where teams from our campuses go into their local communities to share the Gospel by serving others. It takes place on the second Sunday of most months at both our Madison and Corinth campus. 

You might be asking -- why Sunday morning? The reason we chose to do it on Sunday morning is because most people have full schedules. However, the Sunday morning window is available for those who already attend Vertical Church (even if you aren't a regular attender of Vertical, you are welcome to come and serve with us).


If you have questions please contact Vertical Go:


Vertical Go desires to create opportunities for people to live "sent" lives by going to the ends of the earth to advance the gospel.


Vertical Go values partnership with church plants around the world that are creating indigenous, sustainable and reproducible churches. Vertical partners with these churches in three ways: by praying, sending financial support and sending teams! 

GO Bangladesh

Vertical Church is a partner to a missionary named Samuel in Southeast Asia to help reach people for Christ and expand the Kingdom of God. Samuel has started a nationwide church planting movement, reaching people groups from several different faith backgrounds. His organization also serves the local communities through an orphanage, a safe home for homeless children, water purification systems, and an outreach effort for brothel workers. In the past, Vertical Go has served by training leaders for ministry.

March 10 - 18, 2017 | October 13 - 21, 2017



Vertical Church will be serving with Hispaniola Mountain Ministries (HMM) in Haiti and the Dominican Republic in 2017. HMM serves both the Dominican Republic and Haiti by developing discipling relationships within the churches and ministries. Learn more about HMM by clicking here. 

June (High School Trip) 4-9 2017 | November 18-25 2017



Vertical Church is a partner to the For All Mankind Movement (FAMM) in the Middle East and South Asia. FAMM desires to reach people who come to the Middle East from countries throughout South Asia. FAMM sees the opportunity to reach the nations through sharing the Gospel with these people, equipping them as obedient followers of Christ, and sending them back to their own people to be missionaries in their home country. Click here to learn more about FAMM.

 India March 10 - 18, 2017 | India May 12 - 20, 2017



Vertical Church is partnered with City Impact in San Francisco, California. City Impact is a non-profit organization that mobilizes people to intervene through San Francisco;s ministries such as homeless outreach, construction and clean up in the Tenderloin district, and much more. Learn more about City Impact by clicking here.

 June 26 - July 2, 2017


Please contact Reshma Bangar at if you have any questions regarding Global Missions and Second Sunday