Volunteering at Vertical 

Are you involved?

Thanks for your interest in serving at Vertical Church. Your involvement matters because your service makes a big difference. The links below describe many of the volunteer opportunities where we need your help. Please look around and then click on the area in which you would like to volunteer.   

Vertical Kids

6 weeks - 5th Grade

Vertical Kids Volunteers show up and work together in their unique roles to create a fun environment for preschool and elementary kids to learn who God is and how he wants them to live. We could not open the doors of Vertical Kids without the incredible volunteers who offer their gifts to serve our kids.

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Amplify (Students)

6th - 12th Grade / Wednesday Nights

Amplify volunteers serve to create environments where high school students prioritize their relationship with Christ, influence their friends, and experience personal ministry.

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Guest Services

Our Guests Services volunteers have the privilege of serving every person who attends our church. Our goal in every interaction is to exceed expectations of hospitality and to ensure a remarkable experience.

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Worship Team

Worship Team volunteers produce a relevant worship environment through audio, video, stage managing, or lighting, that is comfortable and inviting.

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Vertical Group Leader

Leading a group could be way more rewarding than you could ever imagine! Have you benefited from doing life alongside of others in group? We would love to talk with you about becoming a Vertical Group Leader! If you are interested in having a conversation with our Groups Team, click the button below to get started.

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Assist staff with projects, cleaning, and administrative tasks, as well as preparation for the upcoming worship experiences. All central opportunities are during the week at the church offices.

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Vertical Kids


Vertical Kids Volunteers

Small Group Leaders connect relationally each week with an assigned group of eight to ten children to speak truth into their lives and celebrate spiritual growth.

Production Team puts on a weekly large-group experience and consists of the following:

  • Storyteller communicates the Bible story and Bottom Line in such a way that it becomes unforgettable to a child.

  • Tech Team enhances the Bible story and worship experience through sound, lights, and video without distracting the audience.

Host Team makes the best first impression by greeting first-time guests and guiding new families through the registration and check-in process to make them feel welcome and informed. (Commitment is every other week.)

Set Up / Tear Down Team (while we are portable) helps the Family Ministry Team set up the environments on Saturday mornings and helps us take it all down on Sundays after the 11:30 service. 

Student Volunteer (12-18 years old)  play a key role in the life of children as they grow and act as a mentor for them to look up to and learn from. 


Amplify Student Ministry


Amplify Volunteers

Small Group Leader
Each small group leader plays a key role in shaping the spiritual and social bonds that connect small group students. Through Amplify events, independent group outings, and regular communication, small group leaders and students form an intimate community where trust is central. The small group experience is the cornerstone of our student ministry. Commitment is weekly. 

Childcare for Adult Volunteers
The childcare volunteers work in Vertical Kids and watch volunteers’ young children. The preferred commitment is every week or every other week to provide familiar faces for the children.

Food Team
The Food Team is responsible for setting up and serving dinner to students each week before Amplify.

Check In Team
The Check In Team makes the best first impression by greeting students and welcoming them to Amplify. Check In Team members also guide new students through the registration processes making them feel valued and informed. (Commitment is weekly)

Amplify meets from 6:00-8:00 p.m. on Wednesday Nights.


Guest Services


Guest Services Volunteer

Every Sunday is someone's first Sunday at Vertical!

Our Guest Services team has the unique privilege of creating a positive guest experience for every guest who arrives on our campus. We interact with guests in the parking lot, hallways, auditoriums and beyond. Our volunteers can expect to have fun, share community with a team, and play a significant role in providing a remarkable guest experience as we intersect with people's stories. 

We'd love to tell you more about our team and share opportunities to get involved. There are 3 different teams within Guest Services:

Greeter Team - Greeters welcome people into our building with a smile and a "Welcome to Vertical!" as people walk through the doors and into the building. 

Parking Team - We believe that the first impression begins in the parking lot! Did you know that people will decide whether or not they come back to a church within the first 7 minutes? Help us put our best foot forward by helping people find a place to park. 

Behind the Scenes Team - A lot goes on behind the scenes during and in between services. We particularly need help with making coffee and putting out cards and pens in the auditorium. If you want to serve, but aren't comfortable being out in front of people, this is a great team for you!


Production Team


Production team

The Production Team at Vertical is a group of highly motivated, committed, and enthusiastic servants who value excellence and one another. We strive to create a worship service environment that is comfortable and inviting, and we pray that God uses our efforts to help create a "wow factor" that will lead many to Christ and life change. If that sounds exciting and if you're willing to learn, stretch yourself, and try some new things, please consider serving alongside us. We have both technical and nontechnical positions, and no prior experience is necessary.

The Lighting Team prepares and operates the equipment used to light both the stage and the auditorium on Sundays. They focus on illuminating properly, creating atmosphere, and focusing attention.

The Audio Team is responsible for the set-up, monitoring, and adjustment of all auditorium audio equipment. Their role is to support the band, speaker, and all on-stage personnel as they lead or communicate to the audience on Sunday. They focus on facilitating worship and communication, focusing attention, and removing distractions.

Video (including Computer Graphics)
The Video and CG Team prepares and operates the equipment necessary to display live video and any graphics or characters that are needed to enhance the live video (ie: worship lyrics, Bible verses, etc.). They focus on enhancing and delivering the worship and the message, creating visual appeal, focusing attention, and supporting the communicator.