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Our culture today is saturated by entertainment — movies, music, TV, sports arenas, etc. All these mediums are teaching their own worldview and are often targeted at the youth. We strive to help students live in this culture, while they live out of a Biblical worldview. We aren’t looking to exit culture, but to engage it.
How do we help students understand and desire this for themselves and for their friends? We focus on three aspects: Our heads, our hearts and our hands.

Head – We provide opportunities for youth to experience and grow in knowledge and worship of God’s truth and His character as revealed in the Bible. Heart – We guide students in how to respond with critical minds, but not critical hearts; especially within the context of community where they can safely share their questions and build relationships. Hands – We encourage students to serve and reflect God’s truth and grace to those within the church, and in their communities outside of the church.

Amplify exists to change students' lives. We do that by creating fun environments, building relationships, and teaching students
about Jesus on their level.


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