Saturday, August 24 & Sunday, August 25

6 Locations to Serve


Hope For The Children

Vertical Church
10AM - until
Team Leaders: Meghan Petyak & Philip Thurman
Team Size: Unlimited

Bring your families to Vertical Church on Sunday August 25th at 10AM to help with two awesome projects we get to be a part of.


1. The Prayer Garden: Due to the details and story behind this special place being built on soil we all walk on, we want your families to hear the history and "why" on the day of. You don't want to miss a special time of building, prayer, and dedication.

2. Foster Children Care Packages: This project is dedicated to the children in surrounding counties that have been bouncing back and forth between foster homes. They are not forgotten, and we want to package our and a message of hope to them.

*Kid Friendly!


Hope For The Addicted

Crossroads Ministries
2351 HWY 51 Madison
Saturday & Sunday 10AM - until
Team Leaders: Reshma Bangar
Team Size: *Unlimited

The Crossroads Ministries facility is a place of refuge in the storm where women can put the pieces of their lives back together. It is a two phase operation. We get the chance to serve in the first phase of the program in two different ways. The first is where women come in from prisons, treatment centers, or abusive situations where they find a safe and positive environment for up to 120 days.

1. Completion of building addition: This new room that is being added on to the back of the Phase 1 house will be a safe place for: Learning, Church, Fellowship, Family visits..etc. The frame and insulation have already been completed, the current needs: Shiplap, paint, hardware installation, and more.

2. Patio / Meditation Area: Beside the building addition there is an old patio. When members from the community visit to share, teach, and pray with these women, this is typically where we go: into nature, into the outdoors to be in a distraction free. We want to dedicate some time to Paint, build, and clear out this area to make it feel like home.

*Not Kid Friendly!


Hope For The Forgotten

The Lords Supper Homeless Ministry
123 Munich Drive Madison, MS
Saturday 11AM - until
Team Leaders: Amata Foreman
Team Size: *9 People

1. Prepare, box, and deliver food:
Participants will arrive at Sandys house to help prep the food into containers. Sandy has added onto her house a kitchen specifically for big meals to be cooked for the homeless.

*Kid Friendly, space is limited!


Hope For The Hungry

MS Food Network
440 W Beatty St, Jackson, MS 39201
Saturday 9:00AM - until
Team Leaders: Keith Young
Team Size: *30 People (Due to the space in the MSFN Warehouse)

1. BackPack Meal Kits: these kits kick off in September. These backpacks will be sent to 56 counties and sponsored schools for children who have been identified as "malnourished" or in a super low income home where food is scarce.

2. Supplemental Line // Senior Citizen food drive: non perishable items will be boxed up to be delivered to the 56 counties for senior citizens on disabilities and approved to receive aid from MSFN

*Friendly for kids 8 years and older!


Hope For The Homeless

Opportunity Center
845 W Amite St, Jackson, MS 39203
Saturday (10AM-2PM) & Sunday (10AM-2PM)
Team Leaders: Chris Groat, Chase Hammack, & Austin Roberts
Team Size: *Unlimited (Men)

1. Bathroom Remodel and Outdoor Care:
The opportunity center is part of StewPot. This is a day center in which homeless people of Jackson and surrounding areas can come in, get a shower and a meal. They are also encouraged to use the computer areas to search and apply for jobs. The current needs are in the field of remodeling the Bathrooms & some outdoor care.

*Not Kid Friendly!


Hope for the Elderly

Assisted Living Construction
Location: TBD
Time: TBD
Team Leader: Ben Derrick
Team Size: *Unlimited

1. Lawn Care, Door Hinge Replacements, Mini Wheelchair Ramps:
The team leaders are currently handling request from the Madison country assisted living communities for help with: Lawn care, door hinge replacements, mini wheelchair/cain ramps..etc. We will help our volunteers navigate locations, and what task is to be completed.

*Due to the different projects, we ask you make the decision on allowing friends to attend.